The Luminis is the only hand-held dermatoscope that offers the daylight chromatic spectrum. This is key when looking to highlight and emphasise blood vessels or pigments. The ergonomic design makes for simple handling and allows for patient-friendly examination distance. Whilst the high quality optical components paired with newly developed electronic controls guarantees superior, standardized image quality.

Luminis Features

The microprocessor-controlled light mixture of Luminis allows color reproduction close to natural daylight using both cross polarized and non-polarized light

Full spectrum lighting

Permits comfortable single hand use and operation of the device

Ergonomic Design

Allows for patient friendly examination at a comfortable distance of 20 cm

Patient Friendly

Magnified live viewing of lesions at true 10X magnification

10X Magnification

easy to use with intensity and shading controls

Intuitive Keypad

Practical examination cones with a magnetic lock, allow for cones to be changed quickly and easily during an appointment and also allows for easy cleaning between examinations

Interchangeable examination cones

Charging possible via USB or via the charging station (Also compatible with the Luminis and Optima devices)

Flexible Charging Options

Tech Specs

If you need any further details on the technical specifications or requirements for the Luminis please do contact us.




Technical Requirements


Technical Requirements

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