Mirror software is the standard for patient imaging that truly reflects your practice’s potential. Mirror enables you to maximise what you can actually do with those patient images.

Mirror’s modular system also provides maximum flexibility and value. No matter what level of imaging you require, Mirror delivers scalable imaging solutions to fit your practice today and in the future.

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World-class medical image management in a HIPAA compliant environment. With the industry-standard Mirror medical interface, patient chart structure, preconfigured and customisable diagnosis and procedure libraries, Mirror PhotoFile provides the backbone for medical image capture systems.

Mirror PhotoFile keeps your medical images instantly accessible while providing HIPAA security features. Hospitals depend on Mirror software for their medical image management needs.

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An invaluable tool set for enhancing communication and optimising images. Polished, professional consultation, presentations and publications.

Colour and orientation matching removes colour shifts and adjusts image size and rotation for consistent appearance. Split-face comparison demonstrates asymmetry. Labels & white boarding for easy annotation. Easily measure calibrated distances, angles, areas and proportions for surgical planning and analysis.

Mirror’s tethered image capture option allows you to capture high-quality digital images directly into your patient’s chart, saving time and preventing errors. MatchPose® image overlay makes it easy to capture perfect “before and afters” every time: Superimpose a translucent live preview over the baseline image on screen to ensure correct positioning. Import any image from any source: digital camera, endoscope, scanner, video microscope.

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Provide an instant view of what the future can hold through simulation of skin rejuvenation procedures on actual patient images.

Easily simulate the benefits of procedures such as neurotoxins, dermal fillers, laser procedures, microdermabrasion, and more.

Mirror rejuvenation simulations help manage client expectations and drive business to your practice.

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Mirror Suite

Mirror Suite combines PhotoFile, PhotoTools, Rejuvenation, and 2D simulation tools in one fully integrated solution for medical image management, visual communication and aesthetic simulation. Discover for yourself why so many leading aesthetic practices around the world rely on Mirror Suite for all their patient imaging.

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Manage high risk patients for melanoma with state-of-the-art body mapping software for tracking pigmented lesions.

The Mirror® Body Mapping Module enables linking of close-up images to specific points on a patient’s overview photo. Ideal for tracking pigmented lesions (i.e., mole mapping), body mapping is also useful for following psoriasis, eczema and other conditions.

The Body Mapping Module integrates with Mirror PhotoFile® medical image management software to create a seamless digital photography and lesion tracking solution, including camera tethering and measurements.

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System Specifications

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Technical Requirements

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