The 3D imaging solution for face, breast and body

The VECTRA® H2 offers an all-in-one portable lightweight 3D imaging solution ideal for facial, breast and body aesthetics. Delivering precision optics for high-resolution 3D images, the intuitive system is easy-to-handle and ready to use with minimal staff training.

  • A completely self-contained solution, the unique and innovative raised flash provides raked lighting to better capture and view skin topography and body contours for the most realistic assessments, simulations and patient education.
  • The VECTRA H2 provides two unique sets of ranging lights – one for face and one for body – to ensure optimal capture distance and resolution.
  • Markerless Tracking allows you to reveal the changes.

VECTRA H2 Features

Visualisation and numeric analysis of spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, brown spots, and red areas.

3D Facial Skin Analysis

Multiple captures are automatically stitched into one 3D image with VECTRA software.

Automated Face, Body Stitching

Automated measurements, some only possible with 3D technology, help your patients understand their current condition.

Automated Measurements

Slider-based dorsal height adjustment for instantaneous three-dimensional rhinoplasty simulation.

Dorsal Adjustments

Visualisation and numeric analysis of spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, brown spots, and red areas.

3D Facial Skin Analysis

Reveals contours without colour distraction, presenting opportunities for corrective procedures.

Grey Mode For Contour Evaluation

Automatic volume difference measurements with one click. Visualise the degree of contour change with a colour distance map.

Volume Difference

Providing a dynamic assessment of the skin surface changes. Skin surfaces are automatically aligned, tracked and mapped.

Markerless Tracking

Using Canfield’s exclusive RBX Technology you are able to separate the unique colour signatures of Red and Brown skin components for unequaled visualisation of skin conditions.

RBX® Technology

Capture 360° photos easily with the automated IntelliStage turntable. The sleek ergonomic design rotates patients comfortably throughout captures and can be flash-responsive or controlled with a remote.


Help your patient decide on the best possible treatment plan by showing the difference between the likely outcome with single or multiple procedures.

Showcase Complementary Procedures

Sculptor’s dynamic soft tissue modeling technology generates actual 3D models of the implants you select and calculates a realistic outcome based upon gravity, the shape and placement of the selected implant.

Dynamic Soft Tissue Modeling

Visualise your patient’s hopes and expectations with Sculptor’s powerful viewing tools.

Visualise Expectations

Breast Sculptor’s® new Revision tool provides slider-based controls to simulate the replacement of current implants with new larger implants. Volume can be adjusted independently for each breast, or linked for matching changes.

Breast Revision

The Mastopexy interface in Breast Sculptor® closely models the way you perform surgery, including adjustable incisions used to simulate the excising of skin.

Mastopexy Interface

Automated circumference and volume measurements for body contouring with 360° imaging.

Circumferential Measurements

Compare multiple implant scenarios with different size, style and shape options.

Compare Multiple Scenarios

Select breast implants from the product catalogs you normally use.

Select Breast Implants

Breast Sculptor’s patient education module provides a series of checklist-style customisable disclaimers with relevant visual tools and measurements to streamline your informed consent process.

Patient Education

TheViewMyConsult® patient portal gives your patients secure access to their VECTRA 3D images, and your treatment recommendations, with a single click. Now with one step integration of ASAPS Smart Beauty Guide electronic procedural brochures.

ViewMyConsult® Integration

Your practice is listed in the SculptMyDream® doctor locator (, so that women who are exploring breast augmentation surgery can find you quickly and easily.

SculptMyDream® Listing

Unlimited technical support, hardware warranty, training webinars, software upgrades and ViewMyConsult access.

Access to Canfield Care®

Canfield Imaging Systems is making every effort to develop software that integrates easily into a HIPAA-compliant practice and to assist our customers in complying with HIPAA.

HIPAA Compliance

Additional Information

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System Specifications

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System Specifications

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Technical Requirements


Technical Requirements

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