A high resolution dermatoscope that provides you with outstanding quality, flexibility and efficiency all in a compact hand-held system.

Built with standardised daytime and cross polarized lighting, 15-200 times magnification and high-definition image capture, the VISOMED D200EVO supports you in all of your skin analysis needs. 

Ideal for advanced early diagnoses of skin cancer and image documentation.

D200 EVO

D200 EVO Features

Live view image

The live image of the camera is shown both on the high- resolution touch screen desktop and also the integrated display

Live View

User-friendly ergonomic design image

Specially designed so that the live image can be clearly seen on the camera during the examination. This image can be magnified, saved, analysed and assigned directly from the camera without a mouse or a keyboard

Ergonomic, User-friendly design

For precise overview images


Magnification image

Brilliant epiluminescence microscopy. Clinical images in 5 mega pixel quality

15-200 x Magnification

Standardized imaging image

Delivering standardised imaging for consistently safe and reliable analysis

Standardised Imaging

Allowing you to easily link each close-up image to its corresponding tagged lesion on the body map or 3D Avatar

Compatible with DermaGraphix Software

Usb connection image

A universal USB connection for simple plug and play usage

USB Connection

Tech Specs

If you need any further details on the technical specifications or requirements for the D200 EVO please do contact us.




Technical Requirements


Technical Requirements

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