Using either the VISIOMED D200Evo, the Canfield Mirror I-Pad app or an SLR Camera tethered to your computer the HairMetrix software uses the latest AI algorithms to analyse unclipped trichoscopy images.

The HairMetrix AI technology allows you to immediately analyse the key assessment areas for hair loss. Following any recommended treatments, the progress and success of these can then be assessed and shown using the HairMetrix Compare mode.   

  • Hair count per cm2
  • Sum of hair width per cm2
  • Terminal to velius ratio
  • Average number of hairs per follicular unit
  • Average hair width
  • Follicle count per cm2
  • Inter-follicular mean distance
HairMetrix analysis image


Magnification image

15-200 x Magnification

User-friendly ergonomics image

User Friendly Ergonomics

Customised reports image

Customised Reports

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Canfield Care

HairMetrix® - The first A.I. driven non-invasive hair consultation

Tech Specs

If you need any further details on the technical specifications or requirements for the HAIRMETRIX please do contact us.




Technical Requirements


Technical Requirements

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