Sculpt My Dream helps potential patients decide on a look they desire and connects them to a practice that will deliver on the promise of their dreams. Sculpt My Dream uses 3D photos of real patients rather than simulated 3D models. Using the website’s 3d Sculptor, people can “try on” different size implants, see the results from different angles, and ultimately get a sense of what implants would look like on them.

What to expect


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Sculpt My Dream gets patients excited, helps them overcome uncertainty concerning the outcome, and points them towards doctors who can perform the same high-quality simulations using her own body.

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Sculpt My Dream is an invaluable tool for advertising your exceptional simulation capabilities that allow patients to see the possible results on their own body prior to committing to surgery.

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With a location-based search engine integrated throughout Sculpt My Dream, potential patients are always just a click away from your practice.

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Sculpt My Dream also offers a single doctor microsite option, which allows you to embed its 3D simulation tool in your own website with minimal effort. When in this mode, the doctor search engine is disabled, so there’s no risk in losing leads to your competition.

See Your New Body in 3D


General information on the VECTRA 3D camera and how the Sculptor 3D software can use those images to simulate personal outcomes.


A complete, yet simple walk-through of what a patient can expect through a VECTRA consult.


The site contains a breast simulator which shows potential patients simulated outcomes that possible on a personal basis.


A practice locator using zip code search to find practices with the VECTRA technology.

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